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Here at Bar Exam Doctor we are happy to show our potential students what we do.

Below you can find a link to five different student's answers with comments and scores. Each exam received a different grade. Each time you send us an exam we will provide you with comments, a feedback form, a model answer, and other student's answers for the same question.

Contracts Question - Formation - PC v. Mart

Question / Model Answer

Past Student Answers (Graded by Us!)

1. Score: 57 - View

2. Score: 60 - View

3. Score: 61 - View

4. Score: 65 - View

5. Score: 69 - View

Now that you've had a chance to review some of our past student answers you can see that there are many different ways to write an answer. However, there are certain key traits that a good answer must have. Take a look again and compare the lower scores with the higher ones. Do you see which items are missing? It should be pretty obvious. We at Bar Exam Doctor teach our students through grading their countless exams how to ensure each answer has the key traits to ensure a high score.

So what are you waiting for? Lets get you writing!