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Bar Exam Doctor helps student pass on her 6th attempt!

Read her thank you letter:


Dear Bar Exam Doctor:

I tried everything before finding Bar Exam Doctor, including Barbri, Barwinners, Barexam101, Kaplan, and tons of private tutors, but couldn't seem to make much improvement.

After using Bar Exam Doctor just one time my score went up 100 points, from 1330 to 1426. I used the website again, and wammo I finally passed! I was so happy and thrilled that this experience was over and now its time to actually practice law!

I recommend Bar Exam Doctor to all of my law student friends due to the amount and quality of feedback that you get from the graders on both essays and PTs. I loved how you guys use former California Bar Exam graders who graded for the California Specialist Bar Exam in addition to the actual California Bar Exam.

On the essays, the graders zeroed in on the areas of law that you don't understand and provide comments on the quality of your writing, explanations that actually make sense of the law at issue, and examples of workable approaches for that topic. I can't explain how frustrating it was to see comments from past bar reviews but have no idea what they meant or how to improve!

On the Performance Tests, the graders took the necessary time to go through your whole answer and comment on each section, as well as evaluate it as a whole. The PTs were a major problem area for me, but with Bar Exam Doctor's help I improved my average PT score from 55 to above passing. I was able to write as many performance tests as i could and they graded each and every test submitted within 48 hours!

It's also great to know that if you need some one on one tutoring, you don't have to sign up with another service. The Bar Exam Doctor tutors are helpful and easy to reach at anytime. They are literally as good if not better than other full time bar reviews out there that cost over $10,000.00 and only cost a fraction of the price! Every single time I called them they answered the phone (unlike ther other reviews) and spoke to me as long as i wanted. I couldn't have asked for anything else!

Thanks Bar Exam Doctor!!!


Scarlett (newly admitted California lawyer)